A forgotten chapter in South Australia's history
By Michael Wohltmann
A history of the internment of German Enemy Aliens on Torrens Island and the marginalization of Germans in South Australia during 1914-1924

Chapter 1 Background and Personal Stories.
Chapter 2 Public Memory and the history of forgetting.
Chapter 3 German New Guinea. External threat.
Chapter 4 Marginalization of German-Australians in Sth Aust.
Chapter 5 Censorship and propaganda.
Chapter 6 War Precautions Act 1914.
Chapter 7 Torrens Island Concentration Camp.
Chapter 8 The Trial.
Chapter 9 Deportation of Enemy Aliens.
Chapter 10 Post-war Allegiance, Loyalty and Disloyalty.
Chapter 11 Royal Commissions into loyalty of Germans in Aust.
Chapter 12 Conclusion.
Postscrpt: Torrens Island through the eyes of Corporal V.R. Sedgwick.

How was it that German-Australians who were viewed as zealous,
hard working and model citizens prior to the great war were
five years later, treated as outcasts in their own society?

A Future Unlived tells the compelling story of what happened to
the 7000 German - Australians caught up in a war hysteria that
transformed their lives, both during and after the Great War.

A Future Unlived investigates a forgotten period in our National
and State history. It provides new insights into the plight of
German - Australians living during the Great War and into the
post-war period.

A Future Unlived comprehensively shows the impact of the
Great War and the post War period on the German - Australian
community from 1914-1924. This book reveals how we as
a nation dealt with “enemy aliens” and how in this process the
German - Australian community was so marginalized that it
never really recovered from its treatment.

Read review of "Ä Future Unlived" by Jacquelyne Ladner (University of New England, Australia).